Who are we

Members of the Band

On guitar and vocals we have Jaap, a guy who has been wheeling a guitar since the age of 13. He has put many hours into getting what he is right now. One Hell of a guitarist. With De Simca's he play electric guitar but he plays in a couple of other setting as well acoustic, fingerpicking style or metal without any hesitation. 

On keyboard and piano there is Tony a man who knows our guitarist quite some years already because they grew up together. They played with eachother from the moment they both got their instruments, Tony started of by playing clasical piano but soon got the jazz vibe and later aswell a blues influences in his style. He is the man that will create the most delightfull fills and tapisteries in our songs

Our thirth man is Jaco, he is that kinda guy that you would always see at concerts you would go to, banging at the air drums. Only he perfectionated it in more that 20 years. And then suddenly "what a surprise" he bought a real drumkit. That worked out pretty great for De Simca's because now we have a hidden jewel. Oh and by the way he is also the Benjamin of the band.

And then last but not least we have Nils, The man with the hat and or a Thunderbird Bass or a Fretless Bass around his neck. This guy has been the Singer for some Punk bands in the years before De Simca's but after a great deal of sweet talking to him, we finally got him to pick up the Bass guitar, and now he is just the second part of the rhythm section. Oh and it is forbidden for him to sing